Historical Places

A visit to Cuba is an outstanding opportunity to view over 500 years of history. Cuban attractions range from the vintage 1950’s cars on the streets of Havana to 9 UNESCO heritage sites. From the Bay of Pigs to revolutionary times, Cuba is a mecca for visiting history fanatics.

Santa Clara

For revolutionary history buffs, Cuba’s 5th largest city Santa Clara is a must-visit in central Cuba. The most important battle in the Cuban Revolution was fought and won at Santa Clara. The City also contains Che Guevara’s mausoleum and the memorial to this charismatic rebel. For Cubans, this is one of the most historic sites in Cuba.

Santiago de Cuba Cathedra

The first church in Santiago was built in 1514 at the beginning of the Spanish colonization of Cuba, and is dedicated to Saint Catherine. In 1522, this parish church called Ermita de Santa Catalina, was elevated to the status of cathedral by Pope Adrian VI. Its construction ended in 1526. It was destroyed in the earthquakes of 1678, 1766, 1852 and 1932. In 1882 it received the title of minor basilica from the Holy See. It became a national monument in 1958.

Old Havana and its Fortification System

Habana Vieja was awarded UNESCO status in 1982. Here you can walk through squares surrounded by impressive baroque and neoclassic-style buildings, which have made Havana one of the most historically significant cities in the Americas.

You must take a tour of the city seated in a classic antique American car, follow in the steps of Hemingway and have a daiquiri at El Floridita. Study the fantastic neoclassical and baroque architecture, Doric columns, ornate plasterwork, incredible wrought iron gates and window grilles. Take a peek into the inner courtyards of these centuries-old residences of Havana’s Spanish elite, now turned into museums.

Catedral de San Cristobal

Highlights include the baroque Catedral de San Cristóbal, one of the oldest cathedrals in the Americas, and once home to the remains of Christopher Columbus. We will also tour the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, the oldest extant colonial fortress in the Americas. UNESCO has designated all of Old Havana a World Heritage site, alongside its vast network of centuries-old defensive installations—which include some of the biggest and the oldest stone fortifications still standing anywhere in the Americas.

Havana is an amazing city and there are so many things to do, from free walking tours to traveling around in antique American cars.

Historic Centre of Camagüey

The Historic Centre of Camagüey constitutes an exceptional example of a traditional urban settlement relatively isolated from main trade routes. The Spanish colonizers followed medieval European influences in terms of urban layout and traditional construction techniques brought to the Americas by their masons and construction masters. The property reflects the influence of numerous styles through the ages: neoclassical, eclectic, Art Deco, Neo-colonial as well as some Art Nouveau and rationalism.

Cuba hides many more secrets and beauties. Find them with us!

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I decided with my friends to finally fly to Cuba, the island of freedom, rum and cigars. Everyone was as positive as possible. A long-awaited vacation and a childhood dream.

Many thanks to the Marlin Club, it was amazing!

Adam Smith

I have been fishing since childhood. I have never had such a catch as in this trip. Water Cube is something special!

Leo Green

Scuba diving off the coast of Havana is something everyone should experience.

How I want to go back and stay in Cuba a little more.

Nicolas Doyle

Beautiful sea, dancing, excellent rum and cigars. I never thought that a vacation in some place can be so memorable.

Andy Roberts

A trip to Cuba is like a fairy tale in real life! Like I was on another planet or in the past. Thank you for this opportunity!

Yan Stevens

I got excited!

The most amazing cigar in my life. Excellent American cars of the middle of the last century. These rare cars are a real museum on wheels, each one is unique. And of course, incredibly beautiful nature. Cuba is something unforgettable

Oliver Christensen

Cuba cannot be compared to any other country in the world. Colorful, beautiful ocean, warm. It was a very impressive experience.

Dan Riley

Complete freedom and of course the ocean!

Cuba is a place everyone should visit. Great fishing, education and the salsa lessons are amazing.

Jack Walton

Cuba is not a vacation spot, Cuba is a dream! You can talk a lot about Cuba, but it's better to go there yourself.

Adam Francis

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